Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Poopsheet review: Emberley Galaxy anthology

I've posted another new comic review at the Poopsheet Foundation, this time of the great, inventive anthology Emberley Galaxy. It's a tribute to the children's book illustrator and how-to guru Ed Emberley, and features notable contributions by Warren Craghead, Stefan Gruber, Rina Ayuyang, Dan Zettwoch, and many more. Check it out.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Two more Poopsheet reviews: Tyler Stafford & Rob Jackson

I have two new comics reviews posted over at Poopsheet Foundation. The first is a review of Tyler Stafford's great Folk #4, a wonderful sci-fi comic with some very inventive visuals. Highly recommended. Not so highly recommended is Rob Jackson's stunted Great Deeds Against the Dead #1, an amateurish ghost story.

Check them out.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

iPod Playlist #1

It's been a long time since I've written much about music, even though it used to be the primary subject I'd write about. So in an effort to introduce some music content to this blog, in however limited a way, I'll be periodically doing posts listing my iPod playlists for a single day, with occasional brief commentary. I love the iPod's random play feature, which makes my iPod basically a radio station where I like every song that comes on: perfect for the car. Here's every song I listened to on October 9, 2009.

Loose Fur "The Ruling Class"
Choose "Pursuit ov Noize"
Pink Floyd "Scarecrow"
Tom Waits "Small Change (Got Rained On With His Own .38)"
Van Morrison "You're My Woman"

Circulatory System "The Lonely Universe" (This post-Olivia Tremor Control project was a great psych-pop group, virtually forgotten now but in some ways superior even to OTC. Love this song, which along with "Joy" is one of the band's most infectious and exciting tunes.)
Cluster "Plas"
Red Snapper "Spitalfields"
The Mountain Goats "Pure Intentions" (One of John Darnielle's goofy low-budget synth-pop numbers, not usually my favorite of his modes. This one's OK.)
Bad Religion "Change Of Ideas" (A solid minute of punk-pop energy.)

Heatmiser "Cruel Reminder"
The Beatles "Michelle"
Smashing Pumpkins "Pug"
The Who "Go to the Mirror [live]"

Wolf Eyes "Rich and Healthy" (From their self-titled first album, when they were less raucous noise purveyors and more of a pulsing, mechanical industrial unit with repetitive lyrics; the Public Image Ltd. influence is surprisingly obvious.)

Friday, October 09, 2009

My return, and a comic review

This blog has now been inactive for almost exactly a year, since I've been dedicating most of my writing attention to my film blog Only The Cinema. However, I have now found a new outlet for my writings about comics: the comic shop and online community called Poopsheet Foundation. I'll be doing reviews of small-press and independent comics and minicomics for their blog, and you should see my stuff published there at a fairly regular clip.

I figured that as long as I was writing about comics again, I might as well revive this dormant blog too. Here, I'll be posting links to my Poopsheet reviews as they go live, and will also likely be weighing in with additional content about comics, music and whatever else is on my mind. Anything that doesn't fit on Only The Cinema and that I'm inspired to write about, will find its way here. Don't expect a regular posting schedule or anything — I'll still be posting more film reviews over at my other blog — but I didn't want this place to totally die out. I may even return to the Essential Comic Strips project sporadically at some point, though don't hold your breath for that one.

For now, check out my first review at Poopsheet, a look at the surprisingly solid benefit anthology Ghost Comics, which features contributions by some of my favorite artists (Warren Craghead, John Hankiewicz, etc.) along with some nice surprises from cartoonists who are new to me.

Also, if you're a comic artist and have anything you'd like me to review, either here or at Poopsheet, get in touch: sevenarts at gmail dot com.