Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Lil B's 855-Song Based Freestyle Mixtape (The Edit)

A few days ago, Lil B topped even his own prolific output with an 855-track mixtape consisting solely of based freestyles. This huge collection, totaling around 5 GB of music — and given away, like a lot of B's music, for free! — includes a lot of previously released music, with lots of freestyles that had previously appeared on mixtapes with somewhat saner tracklists or in the almost-as-massive 676-song Myspace collection.

For those who might be interested, I've culled down the 855-song mixtape to a much more manageable 146 songs, none of which have been released before on an official Lil B mixtape (though many have appeared as Youtube videos or on one of Lil B's fileshare sites). This is all of the music from this huge collection that the Lil B collector might not already have elsewhere. There are three RAR files here; you need to download them all to extract the full file list.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Also of note, there are 8 unlabeled and untitled tracks in the mixtape that I can't identify. I've packaged them separately; if anyone recognizes one of these tracks, let me know.

Unlabeled Tracks

Finally, some of the tracks in the 855-song collection were previously kinda-sorta released as part of the Based Blunts expansion packs uploaded by music website Cocaine Blunts. I have not included these tracks in my 146-song edit of the mixtape, but since not everyone may have these rare songs, here they are as well. This zip includes some tracks not in the 855-track mixtape, as well.

Based Blunts Expanded

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